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The Ultimate FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps Tracker: All Rewards and How to Get Future Stars Swap Tokens

the FIFA 23 Team of the Year is undoubtedly the crown jewel of the FUT calendar this season. Every single card in the promo is a certified cracker. There is only one small problem: availability. TOTY players are almost impossible to acquire due to the tiny odds of winning, which drives up their market price and makes them even more difficult to obtain.

In this volatile environment FIFA 23 Ultimate Team really needed something to alleviate the frustration of building. EA promptly read the room and gave us another round of the popular swaps. The new campaign will be implemented via Future Stars Items. This guide answers all sorts of questions you might have FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps Event, including the most important of them all: How to Get FIFA 23 Future stars exchange tokens.

What are FIFA 23 Future Stars Swap Tokens and how to use them in FUT?

Swap tokens are a relatively new mechanic introduced for the first time by EA fifa 22. Tokens can be obtained by completing relatively simple tasks in FUT, mainly low-tier SBCs and objectives. There are rare cases where tokens are awarded for other activities, e.g. B. for logging into your FUT account.

These swap tokens can then be exchanged for some serious reward. Rewards can be packs, player choices, or specific predetermined players. The quality of the reward corresponds to the number of tokens you exchange for it. The limited supply of Future Stars Swap Tokens means you need to think twice before tossing your tokens at a specific reward. A quick early fall could deny you an opportunity to win another prize later.

the FIFA 23 The Future Stars Swaps campaign runs between January 30th and February 17th, with daily swap token releases during this period. The total number of Future Stars Swap Tokens that will be dropped in FUT is 30. As you will see in a moment, wise distribution of these 30 tokens is the key to getting a good catch for your FUT team.

What are the FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps Premiums?

  • Three Future Stars Swap Tokens – Future Stars Team 1 Pack i.e. one random player from Future Stars Team 1
  • Five Future Stars Swap Tokens – Gianfranco Zola Base Icon (85 OVR)
  • 10 Future Stars Swap Tokens – 84+ x20 Pack
  • 10 Future Stars Swap Tokens – Player Moments Philippe Coutinho (88 OVR)
  • 15 Future Stars Swap Tokens – 87+ player choices (one of five). You have the choice of Winter Wildcards, FUT Centurions or Future Stars Team 1 players.
  • 15 Future Stars Swap Tokens – 85+ x10 Pack
  • 20 Future Stars Swap Token – Mid Icon George Best (90 OVR)
  • 25 Future Stars Swap Tokens – two 85+ x10 packs
  • 27 Future Stars Swap Tokens – Prime Icon Player Pick (one of three)

How do you get FIFA 23 Future Stars exchange tokens in FUT

Each of the 30 tokens has its own unique requirement. These are usually easy to accomplish and rather boil down to finding them and completing them on time. That’s why we’re here, so you don’t miss any of the little rascals. We will update this guide until the last day on February 17th with the release of each new Future Swaps Swap Token. Follow the simple instructions below and you will end up with 30 tokens to trade with.

How do you get FIFA 23 Future Stars Exchange Token #1: Jamie Reid

This is the simplest requirement of all. All you have to do is log into your FUT account before February 17th and this token will be yours. But if you wait until the last day, it won’t do you much good.

How do you get FIFA 23 Future Stars Exchange Token #2: Chris Kane

This is the first of what is likely to be a series of TOTY challenges. TOTY Challenge 1 is essentially an SBC with fairly unorthodox but easy-to-achieve objectives. The team to be submitted must have:

  • Players from at least three different nationalities
  • Players from at least two different clubs
  • max. five players from the same league
  • Minimum. a rare item
  • Minimum. 75 OVR Squad Rating
  • Minimum. 22 chemistry
  • Price: approx. 5,000 coins

As you can see, while TOTY Challenge 1 has a number of requirements, it ends up costing a lot less than regular player SBCs. That’s only fair because you don’t get a player for completing it. However, you will get a Future Stars Swap Token if you solve this SBC by February 6th, which should be your second. On to the next.

How do you get FIFA 23 Future Stars Trade Token #3: Danny Rose

Token #3 is a bit tricky because it involves buying packs. It’s also not a package with symbolic prices. The Danny Rose Token is included in the New Year Cheer Pack which costs 80,000 FUT Coins or 500 FIFA Points.

That’s a steep price for a single swap token. Luckily, the package has a lot more to offer. The New Year’s greeting FIFA 23 Pack contains 10 gold items, one of which is guaranteed to have a player rating of 85+ OVR. The Future Stars Swap Token is a kind of free bonus.

That doesn’t change the fact that this token isn’t obtainable without purchasing a pack that you might not otherwise have opted for. The silver lining is that this is meant to be a bonus token that doesn’t count towards the standard 30, so you should be able to skip it and get a total of 30 tokens by February 17th. The small risk is there, however, because the New Year’s Cheer offer expires on February 10th.

keeping up with ours FIFA 23 The Future Stars Swaps tracker makes getting the tokens easier, but remember that you must also spend them before February 17th or you’ll end up with a nice collection of useless FUT items.

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