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Who is David Coake? Rig’s character explained

In ‘The Rig’, David Coake surprises the crew of Kinloch Bravo when he shows up alive in a lifeboat, but instead of providing information about their situation, he starts working on his own secret mission.

Kinloch Bravo lost Fulmer to the bacteria, and Captain Magnus broke down trying to figure out what’s right for his crew. With Magnus sent to rest, Rose takes over the role of leader for the time being.

A new sign of hope came in the form of spotlights that began to appear in front of the platform. The crew begins to believe that their message has got through and that a rescue team is coming to save them.

Turns out it’s not a ship; it’s a lifeboat that made its way to Bravo from Charlie. David Coake of Pictor’s research and development department walks out and introduces himself.

The surviving members of Kinloch Charlie follow Coake, who immediately demands the control room.

Rose tries her best to get him to tell him what he’s doing here and what happened to Charlie, but it backfires when he reveals that she’s leading the takedown task force.

With that, Dunlin and the rest of the crew turn their backs on their leader.

Coake’s botched plan

When Rose finally discovers that this bacteria is trying to trigger another mass extinction event, Coake quickly has a team kill her immediately.

Although Magnus does not allow him to do so, Dunlin, Hutton and Murch join Coake, seeking a change of direction.

Coake convinces them to execute a plan involving his new equipment installed on the rig. This plan will help them save Baz, Garrow and Fulmer and, at the same time, get rid of the bacteria in the production module.

Coake watches his plan to kill the Ancestor fail.

The group trusts Coake, who promises them that everyone will get out safe and sound.

Coake instructed them to use the cargo of compressed CO2 gas that is on board and feed it into the fire suppression system.

The gas turned out to be something else. It started killing not only the bacteria but also the people inside the production module.

Coake closes the doors once the gas begins to take effect. Dunlin and Garrow end up dying inside the production pod. The bacteria keep Baz and Fulmer alive. Rose arrives in time to save Fulmer. She takes him out of the production module.

Rose, Magnus and Fulmer then realize that they really need to know which side Coake really is on.

Coake’s motives

Heather, Easter, and Harish, Charlie’s surviving crew member, investigate who Coake really is. Harish shared how Coake’s new gear changed things for Charlie.

The equipment was never designed to extract oil from the well. It was to send something.

Heather looked up Coake’s name on Kinloch Charlie’s list. She couldn’t find anyone with that name. Harish recognized the name of someone he doesn’t know on the list and asked Heather to see who it was.

This name carried a message from Pictor. The message confirmed the existence of the bacteria and asked for an update on the Cirein project.

Who is David Coake?  Rig's Character Explained 2
Coake tells Magnus about Pictor’s plans.

Magnus questions Harish and learns how Coake caused Charlie to explode and made the crew stay and destroy everything about the experiment they just had.

Coake even left people behind as he got into the lifeboat, although there were still 20 empty seats.

Magnus then invited Coake into his office. For the very first time, Coake opened up and revealed that Pictor knew about this organism. It opened up to the North Sea.

The body converts the oil back into organic matter. Magnus assumes the Pictor is trying to kill him to secure their belongings and money, but Coake corrects him and calls it a way to survive.

Does Coake survive the tsunami?

Near the end, the group chooses to talk and collaborate with the organism, the Ancestor, rather than follow Coake’s plan to kill him. The group ultimately fails to convince him. A tsunami triggered by the same bacteria is heading towards the platform.

Coake tells Harish about two helicopters coming for him. He blackmails Harish into doing whatever he wants with the fact that he also wasn’t planning on saving his Kinloch Charlie teammates when the explosion started.

Harish turns Coake on and alerts everyone on the rig. Hutton makes sure Coake doesn’t escape the platform alone.

While the first helicopter takes all the members of Kinloch Bravo, the second comes to rescue Hutton, Heather, Cat, Easter, Harish, Magnus, Rose, Fulmer and Coake.

After destroying the platforms, the tsunami moves towards the cities. Coake then reveals that they are no longer going home; they are headed elsewhere altogether.

He reminds them that they should have listened to him if they really wanted to go home to their loved ones.

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