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Unwanted Ending Explained

The following article contains mentions of sexual assault.

WARNING: Contains SPOILERS for Unwelcome (2023).

While the importunate The ending of the film might be confusing on first viewing, the story of the Irish folk horror film is quite easy to unravel on re-watching. importunate was originally launched as “Straw Dogs Meet Gremlins“, and this unlikely combination of hard-to-watch psychological thriller and broad, wacky horror-comedy is exactly what importunate became. importunateThe tone of is as heavy as it sounds, as evidenced by the start of the story with young couple Maya and Jamie being attacked by criminals breaking into their home moments after Maya announced her pregnancy to her son. loving boyfriend.


This terrifying experience leads Maya and Jamie to move to Ireland, as Jamie has inherited a distant home from her late aunt. Maya is warned that she must feed the mythical Far Darrig (pixie-like monsters) by local townswoman Niamh, but initially ignores this advice. Meanwhile, Maya and Jamie hire the unreliable Whelan family to fix their house. importunate becomes a much more extreme horror movie in its closing act, as these two stories connect. When the Whelan family’s son Eoin attempts to sexually assault Maya in the woods behind the house, the Far Darrigs kill him and drag away the body. The Whelans confront Maya and Jamie, which leads to further bloodshed.

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What happens in the ending of Unwelcome

In the importunate ending, the Far Darrig puts Maya Eoin’s head back in a bag. The Whelans see this and, enraged, decide to burn down the house and murder Jamie and Maya. Maya recruits the Far Darrig from the woods and the monstrous creatures kill the Whelan family one by one before Maya, who is in labor, shoots the last remaining member of the Whelan family with her shotgun. Maya gives birth successfully, but a twist in the importunate The end of the film sees Far Darrig dragging the child to their underground lair.

The final act of the 2023 horror film begins as Maya enters the underground house of the Far Darrig. There she finds an old crone who turns out to be the adult version of Jamie’s cousin, who was stolen by the Far Darrig at birth. Maya fights with the old woman, eventually killing her and retrieving her baby. The Far Darrigs immediately hire Maya as their new leader, following her to her garden and baptizing her in blood to anoint her as their savior (a role apparently played by Jamie’s lost niece until her death). A bloodied Maya watches the last shot of the importunate END.

Is Unwelcome’s Far Darrig real in the movie?

Far Darrig in Undesirable

A quick overview of importunateThe story of could make popular horror sound like an ambiguous horror movie like There’s something wrong with children, in which the nature of the supernatural threat is never fully explained and it is possible that the entire plot of the horror film is the delusional hallucination of the heroine. However, importunate pretty definitely closes the door to such a reading. The Far Darrig must exist in the reality of the movie, as the Whelan family and Jamie acknowledge their presence throughout. importunateSending in progress. Admittedly, the Whelans don’t seem too shocked by the existence of pixie-like creatures invading homes and trying to steal babies while mumbling lines like “stupid billy.”

However, this may be because the Whelans are not consistent or believable characters in earlier scenes. Although performed by such talented artists as Colm Meaney, Kristin Nairn, Chris Walley and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, importunateThe villains of are never more than one-dimensional, evil caricatures of the working class. The Whelans are characterized as untrustworthy and sadistic monsters whose purpose is to terrorize the protagonists throughout the horror film. Thus, their lack of surprise in the face of the existence of the Far Darrig takes on its full meaning in importunateends, while the fact that the local villagers also believe in the Far Darrig importunateputs an end to any potential ambiguity.

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How does Maya beat The Far Darrig?

Maya enters the lair in Unwelcome

Maya defeats the Far Darrig by dethroning their human queen, whose existence is not established until importunate‘Sending in progress. While an earlier scene mentions that Jamie’s cousin disappeared as a baby and a local villager claims Far Darrig stole her, it’s not until Maya meets her that she finds out. that the baby grew into a grown woman and eventually took over the Far Darrig. When the elderly woman refuses to return Maya’s baby, Maya offers to take her place and then stabs a Far Darrig (in an ironic mirror of the horror film’s opening scene home invasion, where she doesn’t did not have the temerity to do so).

importunateMaya’s heroine then kills the old woman by gouging out her eyes. Viewers can discern, from the fact that a Far Darrig prevents his loved ones from intervening, that this kind of fight is the Far Darrig’s way of replacing their leader if they fail to get a new baby. When Maya wins, the Far Darrig immediately begin praising her as a god, which continues when they baptize her with a skull full of human blood at the foot of her garden. It is in this image that the true meaning of importunatethe meaning becomes clear.

What the unwanted ending really means

Far Darrig's first kill in Unwelcome

importunateThe bizarre leaps between being a comedy and a horror film ends with the image of an Englishman who has just murdered an Irish family turned into royalty by the local Irishman”little people(as the Far Darrig are called). After slaying the working-class Irish Whelan, the middle-class English Maya takes her rightful place as ruler of the land’s oldest inhabitants. Earlier in importunateKillian Whelan notes that from the plantations of Cromwell to the Irish genocide of 1845, the English have a long history of displacement, theft and violent oppression of the Irish.

In the importunate At the end of the film, this story repeats itself as Maya promises Far Darrig her baby if they violently murder the Whelan family. When they fulfill their end of the bargain, Maya immediately reneges on her promise in the horror movie and then assassinates their leader. The Far Darrig are forced to recognize her as their leader, because importunate The ending shows Maya using violence to dominate the Irish subjects, repeating the historical pattern referenced earlier in the film’s story.

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