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Glory (더글로리) is a revenge Kdrama that tells the story of a young woman in her thirties who is ready with a revenge plot she has carefully planned for her past bullies. Directed by Ahn Gil-ho, Song Hye-kyo helms the drama alongside Lee Do-hyun, Im Ji-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Yeom Hye-ran, Jung Sung-il, and other actors.

Glory tells the story of a young aspiring architect who, after severe bullying, has to drop out of school. Later, as her bullies lead a happy, everyday life; she creates a road to revenge after complex planning over the years and by becoming the primary teacher of her bully’s child.

The synopsis for the Netflix show reads as follows:


The End of Glory Explained

Glory began the story of Moon Dong-eun and laid the groundwork for why she is so adamant about revenge and the cards she prepared for her former bullies. The first part of this Kdrama showed us the reason behind Song Hye-kyo’s character Moon Dong-eun’s obsession with her bully and why she’s willing to do anything to get revenge.

The final episode of this Kdrama shows Dong-eun getting her hands on puppets that can be used for revenge as she gets her hands on one of her former bullies to make things difficult for Park Yeon-jin; the person who is the mastermind among his bullies and has now become an obsession for Dong-eun.


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Later, she confronts Jeon Jae-joon and Ha Do-young in a plot to wreak havoc on Yeon-jin’s life by reuniting her husband and the father of her child. Remembering Jae-joon’s misdeeds in the past, Dong-eun is unable to keep her composure after meeting him, however, she continues to fight her instincts to carry out her plans.

Elsewhere, Do-young has second thoughts about Dong-eun and is curious about his plans and the reason behind them; he thus reunites with Choi Hye-jeong who had been overpowered by Dong-eun to find the reason. He is soon exposed to a side of his wife he didn’t know and is left speechless and confused by it all.

Later, he meets Joo Yeo-jung at Go Park and talks about his troubles with a stranger, unaware that he is being guided and watched by the same stranger. Yeo-jung later assures Dong-eun that Do-young will call him soon.

On the other hand, Do-young asks Yeon-jin about Dong-eun but is subtly warned never to try to delve into his past as that is the way to keep their marriage harmonious. She assures him that she will take care of everything and will never let her past affect her future.

The Glory Review
Glory again

Meanwhile, Jae-joon is unable to stop thinking about his daughter and meets with Yeon-jin to bring her back into his life, only for Yeon-jin to realize that she has fallen in love with her husband. However, the two are unaware that Dong-eun has his eyes on them and realized that Myeong-oh’s disappearance is related to Yeon-jin who probably killed him.

Elsewhere, Yeo-jung asks Dong-eun why he put his mother on the perpetrator list while Dong-eun asks him for his password, unaware of the inmate number of the person who murdered his father. The same person who tormented him with letters describing the murder scene.

The scene then shifts to Jae-joon receiving a call from the police station and it is known that someone reported Myeong-oh missing, which put them all in danger. Meanwhile, Dong-eun has prepared everything for Kang Hyun-nam’s daughter to go abroad for her studies as her plan will soon take a deadly turn.

On the other hand, Yeon-jin goes to Dong-eun’s apartment and is shocked to learn that she has been living in front of his house this whole time. She breaks into Dong-eun’s apartment and is shocked by what she sees.

The Glory Review
Glory again

Elsewhere, Do-young meets Dong-eun and asks her why she approached him and why she planned all this against Yeon-jin. Dong-eun tells him that the truth will hurt him but it’s something he needs to know.

The scene shifts to Yeo-jung entering the morgue to find that Yoon So-hee’s body is not there while Yeon-jin is surprised when she sees Do-young entering Dong-eun’s apartment.

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The show ends with Dong-eun at Yeo-jung’s house where she makes her next move on the Go set.

The ending really leaves us all excited as the masks have been ripped off and the real revenge will soon begin. With endless questions for all of us and an impatience we can all feel after this spectacular spectacle. It’s clear that Dong-eun’s revenge will be for a bigger reason than we all think and the feeling we’re going to get will be well worth the wait.

glory season 2

Glory Season 1 was a spectacular experience and we’re sure Season 2 would do this thriller justice. Watching Dong-eun go full throttle on his bullies for revenge will be a sight to behold and we can’t wait to experience it.

Meanwhile, I think we’re underestimating Yeon-jin’s villainy as she seems like a much more dangerous villain than what we’ve seen so far. Being able to kill someone in school and get on with their life isn’t something any sane person can do and seeing it get worse from then on is what Glory season 2 could be approx.

Glory season 2 is scheduled to air in March 2023, however, no date has been set for the show’s return. But that doesn’t mean fans won’t wait because surely we’re all looking forward to his return.

So let’s wait for season 2, in the meantime, let us know what you think of season 1 of the show in the comments below!

look Glory on Netflix.

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