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Every Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode, Ranked

Only murders in the building is about three unlikely friends who are brought together by their shared love of true crime. Mabel (Selena Gomez) is a young artist living in historic Arconia fixing up her aunt’s apartment. Steve Martin plays Charles, a mostly retired actor whose crowning glory was starring in a former detective show called Brazzos. Oliver (Martin Short) is a washed-up Broadway director with big ideas and a small budget. The three all live in Arconia but only cross paths the night of the murder on their favorite true-crime podcast, never expecting to live there anytime soon.

Although most people hide in their apartments after a murder in their building, these three do the opposite. They decide to investigate the murder and create a podcast to document their findings and their theories. Along the way, they discover secrets about the Arconia and each other. This formula is used in Seasons 1 and 2 and will likely be used in Season 3 as well.



ten Persons of interest


None of Season 2’s episodes were boring, but in a show focused on murder, true crime, and full of surprises, an exposition episode doesn’t have time for much excitement. In the first episode, the second murder in the building takes place and Charles, Oliver and Mabel are arrested for it.

After their release, Mabel does not want to interfere. This seems plausible given that Charles was offered a role in the Brazzos reboot as Uncle Brazzos, but after finding out that Cinda created a podcast about them and their podcast, they can’t help but get involved. This episode sets up a lot of the lure of Season 2, but since nothing can be resolved at the start of a ten-episode season, it’s a little disappointing.

9 framed

only murders in the bloody mabel building

The second episode, like the first, sets up much of the drama to follow. It’s a little faster than the first episode, but other than a weird cameo of Amy Schumer and Bunny’s parrot saying “I know who did it,” not much happens. This episode features a nice progression of Mabel’s budding relationship with Alice in which Alice encourages Mabel to destroy art to release her emotions, which results in a steamy kiss.

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8 Here is looking at you

Lucy in Only Murders in the Building

The fourth episode of Season 2 is slow but contains some big reveals. The biggest reveal of this episode comes from Charles’ stepdaughter, Lucy. She tells Charles, Oliver and Mabel that there are secret tunnels in the Arconia but keeps to herself that she saw the murderer in the tunnels the night of Bunny’s murder and that Charles is in danger. Charles also secretly visits Jan in prison during this juicy, but not necessarily surprising episode.

7 Hello, Darkness

Howard Morris from Only Murders in the Building

Episode 8 centered around a blackout. A blackout in New York while there’s a murderer on the loose sounds a lot crazier than this episode did. Lucy was chased through the secret tunnels of the Arconia, but that didn’t bring the gang closer to the killer. There’s some Arconia drama in this episode in the form of Howard going on a date with his neighbor and Marv asking to be featured on the podcast. In the episode’s final moments of a lightly sleepy episode, Mabel realizes that Detective Kreps was the one who attacked her on the subway.

6 Bunny Folger’s Last Day


Episode 3 is mostly a flashback episode of Bunny’s last day of life. Flashback episodes are great because the backstory is, but they don’t advance the plot as much as a normal episode would. Bunny is threatened on her last day by a mysterious person who wants to buy a painting she owns, and she gives a waiter a weirdly large tip, but most importantly her last day provided more information about who Bunny was. The saddest part of this episode is when Charles, Mabel and Oliver realize that if they had been nicer to Bunny and invited her over when she stopped by, she might not have been. murdered.

5 Flip the pieces

Only Murders in the Building Season actors and characters

In Episode 7, we learn more about Mabel’s relationship with Theo after he helps her recover from her subway attack and tries to help investigate who tried to hurt her. The murder weapon is planted in Charles’ apartment and Lucy accidentally touches it, but they turn it over to Detective Williams in hopes of clearing their names. Mabel also forgives Theo for an accident that happened when they were teenagers. This episode is thirty-two minutes of non-stop drama, leading up to the final moments when it is revealed that the murderer’s next target may be Lucy.

4 Performance review

Only murders in the building

Mabel struggles in the sixth episode. After setting a sequin trap for the killer, she encounters a man covered in sequins on the subway and accidentally stabs him. She also walks in on Alice recreating Bunny’s crime scene as art, which reasonably upsets and scares her. As if that weren’t enough, someone Mabel knew goes to Cinda’s house and says she cut off her finger to show her rage and set her up. This episode is entertaining, but stressful because fans of the show know that Mabel is innocent, despite the gravity of this episode.

3 The Tell


In episode 5, the accusations fuse. Charles and Oliver are suspicious of Mabel’s girlfriend, Alice, as Jan, who is a prosecuted murderer, tells them that the killer is probably an artist. Oliver uses a board game to build “a case” against Alice, but after accusing her in front of an entire party, she tells a gory story to prove she’s not the killer. Oliver also learns in this episode that his son has Greek ancestry, which is even stranger considering Oliver knows he’s all Irish. This makes him realize that his son is probably not really his son, a reality he doesn’t want to accept.

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2 training partners

Tina Fey as Cindy Canning from Only Murders in the Building

Episode 9 is incredibly dramatic and keeps viewers on the edge of their seat. In a whirlwind, Charles learns far too much about his father’s past, Oliver learns he’s not his son’s biological father, and Mabel discovers the truth about Cinda, Kreps, and Poppy, which helps her in her life. turn to solving Bunny’s murder. Mabel thinks Cinda is the mastermind behind the murder. She thinks she’s done everything to be able to create the perfect podcast, which she already has, as it’s also been revealed that her assistant Poppy is actually Becky, the ‘missing girl’ from her true crime podcast the most successful.

1 I know who did it


In their true eclectic and sometimes insensitive fashion, Mabel, Charles and Oliver kick off the finale with an evening of murderous revelation. Mabel blames Alice, who then stages an attack on Charles in a ploy to get Cinda to confess, or so we think. When Cinda congratulates Mabel on solving the case, Poppy/Becky can’t stand it and exposes secrets only the real killer would know.

This is supported by DNA found on the murder weapon and Bunny’s last words. Kreps is Becky’s lover who was in on it so they could start their own podcast and become famous. It seems like every character, excluding them, lives happily ever after. Charles gets a real role on Brazzos, Oliver runs Broadway again and Mabel falls in love. Then a mysterious death on the opening night of Oliver’s new play starts the whole cycle all over again.

The end of summer is usually not something to look forward to, but for fans of Only murders in the building, July can’t go by fast enough. On August 8, 2023, Charles, Mabel, Oliver and the rest of Arconia will return to Hulu for Season 3 of Only murders in the building.

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